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A spacious, modern chiropractic clinic in Amersham with state of the art facilities and a comfortable waiting area. We have our own private car park in front of the Clinic. The Clinic also benefits from its own, on-site rehabilitation gym.

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Rehabilitation Gym

Chiropractic treatment is often complimented by a stabilisation programme. We offer a bespoke rehabilitation course, supervised by a chiropractor in our onsite Rehabilitation Gym.  Suited to your individual needs, it is run in small classes of 1-3 people, ensuring you receive the individual attention needed to fulfil your maximum potential.

A healthy spine (or any joint) requires both mobility and stability at the same time.

The chiropractic treatment you receive addresses the immobile and dysfunctional joints and muscles that are often the cause of your pain and discomfort. Restoring functional alignment, unlocking stuck joints and loosening tense muscles, chiropractic treatment improves joint mobility and flexibility.  This in turn helps to optimise nerve function and may allow your body to complete the healing process.

The underlying cause of many muscle and joint complaints is instability or weakness. This can cause the problem area to suddenly fail or ‘go’ after only a minor incident. Trauma such as a fall or car accident that may have caused the problem in the first place can be the source of the instability and so increase the likelihood future episodes. Rehabilitation training aims to address and reduce such instability by strengthening weak muscles and stretching those which are tight.

The body often tries to compensate for joint dysfunction and instability by tensing or spasming muscles. Made weak by this, they are often unable to perform their job of protecting the joints from further injury. Left untreated ie un-rehabilitated, these muscular compensations can themselves leave you more vulnerable to future episodes.

As an essential part of chiropractic, stabilising and rehabilitating helps provide the longer term benefits which can prevent recurrences of the problem.

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