5 Conditions an Osteopath

Osteopathy is a holistic form of complementary medicine that deals with the musculoskeletal system. An osteopath in Amersham can treat any musculoskeletal pain you may have, as well as other symptoms related to your condition. Osteopaths are well equipped at handling issues such as muscle pain, strain, spasms, tendinopathy and stiffness. In truth, an osteopath can treat a wide array of conditions, and osteopathy is usually administered in conjunction with other medical treatments.

Amersham osteopaths view the human body as a whole. This means that they make sure to understand your condition in relation to the rest of your body and treat it accordingly. They can help find the root cause of the issue and treat it, rather than just treating the symptoms alone.

Osteopaths in Amersham aim to:

– Help you deal with the symptoms that come with your condition
– Promote your body’s natural healing process
– Prevent the issue from reoccurring

As we mentioned earlier, osteopaths view the body as a whole. They don’t just place focus on the area of concern, but they find the root cause of your symptoms and where they stem from. Osteopaths can treat people of all ages. This means that osteopathy for all the family is definitely on the table.

If you’re unsure what Amersham osteopaths can help with, this blog is for you. We’ll highlight 5 common issues that an osteopath in Amersham can treat. Read on to learn more.

1. Sciatica

Sciatica is more of a symptom than a real condition. You can get assistance from an osteopath to determine what is generating the compression, which structures are weak, and the causes.

The discomfort that results from compression, irritation, or entrapment of the sciatic nerve may be incapacitating. The symptoms typically only affect one side and include pain, burning, shooting, tingling, numbness, and tingling in the gluteal region, back of the thigh, calf, foot, and toes.

To alleviate symptoms, initial osteopathic treatment and the use of plantar fasciitis shoe inserts will seek to minimise nerve compression and inflammation in the surrounding structures. The osteopath will continue realigning the tight structures once you have passed the acute period in order to restore muscular balance and stop a recurrence of the issue.

2. Trapped Nerve

Osteopaths in Amersham can assist in unblocking a pinched nerve. It happens when the tissues around a nerve, including the bones, cartilage, muscles, and tendons, put too much pressure on it. Affected nerves experience pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness as a result of the pressure.

Any area of your body could have a trapped nerve. Your lower back’s herniated disc may be the source of your sciatica. It’s possible for the discomfort to travel down the back of your leg. Similar to how a pinched neck nerve can cause pain and numbness in your arm, shoulder, and other places.

3. Sports Injuries

Professional and amateur players alike can seek treatment from Amersham osteopaths for a variety of sports injuries, and attorneys for injury claims can assist you in paying for them by obtaining compensation.

For the first two to four days following an injury, they may advise RICE therapy. Rice stands for: rest, ice, compress, and elevate. It will aid in the management of inflammation. The osteopath can advise beginning the rehabilitation process once the irritation phase has subsided. They will also begin manipulating, mobilising, and releasing the soft tissue around the injury.

4. Women’s Health

Osteopaths are skilled in a wide range of women’s health issues, including potential difficulties during and after pregnancy. Osteopathy for women’s health can assist your body in adjusting to the various phases of pregnancy. The procedure is a gentle, safe, and efficient technique to address the strains and pressures that the developing foetus is putting on your body.

Here are some common issues related to women’s health that osteopathy can help with:

– Pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence during pregnancy
– Postnatal back and neck pain
– Lower back and pelvic girdle pain (PGP)
– Pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSP)

5. Acute/Chronic Pain

It might be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of back pain, but the majority of cases involve joints or soft tissues. Back pain is one of the most frequent complaints seen in people. Mechanical pain is typically made worse by one movement and made better by another.

Osteopaths specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of acute and chronic back pain conditions. They’ll be able to pinpoint the exact cause and root of your issues, whether it’s referred pain, and how to deal with it.


We hope this blog helped you understand more about osteopaths in Amersham and the conditions they can treat. Oftentimes, people confuse osteopaths and chiropractors. Though they are different, both osteopathy and chiropractic are efficient treatments in their own respect.

If you’re looking for help from an osteopath or a chiropractor, Amersham Chiropractic Centre is here for you. Book an appointment with us today, we’d be glad to help!

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