Poor back posture is a very common issue in today’s world. With an increased amount of online work, people have to spend their time glued to their computers. This spells disaster for your posture. When you sit in front of a screen all day, your sitting posture can get affected. This affects your overall posture.
Sedentary lifestyles aren’t the only cause of postural issues, as they can occur from strenuous work as well. Physically straining activities can take a toll on your back posture, and can even lead to serious injury. It’s important to maintain proper posture, no matter what field of work you’re in. A healthy spine can add years to your life, improving your digestion, circulation, mood, and overall health.

If you think you may need posture management in Amersham, chiropractic therapy may be the right option for you. Chiropractic therapy is a type of complementary medicine that focuses on the musculoskeletal system of the body. This includes your bones, ligaments, tendons, spine, joints, nervous system and connective tissues. Chiropractors are skilled at treating all issues related to this system, making them perfect for dealing with postural issues.
In this article, we’ll teach you about chiropractic adjustments and how they can help with back posture, sitting posture, and overall posture management in Amersham. Read on to learn more

What Are Chiropractic Adjustments?

As we mentioned, chiropractic therapy is a great way to go about posture management in London. One type of treatment your chiropractor may administer for back posture is chiropractic adjustment.
Chiropractic adjustments are one of the most commonly used techniques for treatment. They’re an effecitve way to treat issues related to sitting posture as well as overall back posture. During an adjustment, a trained chiropractor will gently manipulate areas of concern. You will be made to lie down comfortably, while they mobilize joints that are causing issues. This involves realigning your body with swift thrusts. This stimulation allows your body to regain it’s range of motion, and naturally heal over time.

It isn’t uncommon to hear a mild “popping” noise during an adjustment. This is due to the gas between your joints being released. If you’ve ever cracked your knuckles before, you’ll be familiar with this painless sound.

Can Chiropractic Adjustments Help With Back Posture & Sitting Posture?

If you’re dealing with poor back posture or sitting posture, chiropractic adjustments paired can definitely help you. Poor posture can lead to serious back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and even injury. If you notice an imbalance in your posture, it’s important to reach out to a chiropractor and fix the root cause of your issue. We can treat all kinds of postural issues, including back posture, sitting posture, slouching, and forward head translation.

What Conditions Can Posture Management (Amersham) Help With?

There are many issues that arise from poor back posture and sitting posture. Seeking posture management in Amersham can help you with:

– Kyphosis (commonly known as “hunchback”)
– Forward head posture
– Scoliosis
– Hip/pelvic unrevealing
– Damage to the curvature of your neck and back

How Does A Chiropractor Examine Back Posture?

When you seek posture management in Amersham, your chiropractor will do a thorough assessment of your back posture through:

– Thoroughly assessing your case history
– Taking notes about your daily activities, such as work, exercise, diet, etc
– Examining your back posture while walking and standing, as well as your sitting posture
– Checking the overall alignment of your spine
– Noting any deviations from proper posture and measuring them
– Testing your range of motion, mobility, and flexibility
– Testing the length and strength of your muscles

After this thorough assessment, they’ll draft up a treatment plan specifically catered to you. This could include adjustment and rehabilitation, or a combination of more treatments if needed. They will also give you a proper intentional exercise regiment to target areas of concern.


Now that you know how posture management in Amersham can help you, book an appointment with Amersham Chiropractic today. We’ll be able to help treat any postural issues you may be concerned with.

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