Can A Chiropractor Back Pain Specialist Help With Your Back Pain?

Are you experiencing severe back pain?
Well, you are not alone. Around 85 percent of adults experience back pain that is severe enough to visit a doctor.
Despite being one of the most common pain types, not many doctors can effectively treat back pain.
Treatment of back pain varies from doctor to doctor. However, many doctors recommend pain killers, combined with a series of exercises or yoga.If you do not want to rely on painkillers, continue reading to learn how a chiropractor back pain specialist can help you lower back pain.

Can A Chiropractor Help You With Your Back Pain?

Chiropractors are health care professionals who treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system through non-surgical methods.
Generally, chiropractors focus on spinal manipulation to reduce a wide range of pains.
Many studies have proved that chiropractic therapy can effectively treat lower back pain.
A licensed chiropractor will analyse the patient’s spine and identify which vertebrae need adjustments.
Once the pain source is recognised, the chiropractor will perform spinal adjustments by applying controlled pressure on joints.

Cause Of Back Pain

When your spine is misaligned, your body’s weight is not evenly distributed across your spine. Spinal misalignment imposes severe pressure on nearby muscles and joints.
The joints and muscles may not be able to hold the pressure.
The joints and muscles will quickly become sore, ultimately leading to intractable pain in your lower back area.
Chiropractic for low back pain is a technique of returning the spine to its original alignment to attain a wide mobility range.
Once your spine is corrected back to its original position, your body’s weight is equally distributed, relieving your joints from extra pressure. Many patients experience instant chiropractor back pain relief. Some patients may not experience instant results and may require additional treatments.
After your chiropractor back pain therapy, you might experience temporary soreness or aches around your spine, which will go away in a day or two.

Chiropractor Back Pain Treatment

The core chiropractic for low back pain treatments include:

  1. Spinal manipulation: also known as a chiropractic adjustment, is a chiropractic technique performed by a licensed chiropractor.
    The chiropractor applies a series of high-velocity, short lever arm thrusts to a misaligned vertebrae in this technique.
    The method aims to restore the range of motion in your back and reduce lower back pains.
  1. Mobilisation: is a low-velocity technique where the chiropractor will slowly and gradually stretch your muscles and joints to increase your spine’s range of motion.

Experience the Benefits of Chiropractic Care Today

What To Expect At Your First Visit To A Chiropractor?

Your first visit to a chiropractor will not be very different from a trip to your doctor.
For chiropractor back pain relief, your chiropractor will first ask you about your medical history, followed by a series of questions about your back pain.
Your chiropractor will ask you where you are experiencing the pain, your level of pain, and whether you are experiencing any other symptoms.
After the questions and answers, your chiropractor will conduct your physical examination to diagnose your condition.
After the complete diagnosis, your chiropractor will share with you the right treatment for your pain.
Furthermore, the chiropractor will also design a treatment plan for you to carry out at home, and the number of visits it will take to treat your condition.


When you experience back pain, it can have devastating effects on your lifestyle.
Back pain is linked to your spine; it is advised to consult a licensed chiropractor as soon as you experience the pain.
Don’t treat your pain on your own by consuming pain killers. Contact a chiropractor and treat your pain without any drugs or surgery.

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