Keep on exercising!! During the excitement of Christmas we can forget to exercise. Why not go for Christmas walks with your family or friends? Walking, dancing to Christmas music and bicycle riding are all great ways to stay healthy over Christmas. Even helping out around the house is good for keeping in shape.

Winter fashion

Christmas is one of the coldest times of the year so always remember to wrap up well when you go out. There is nothing worse than being poorly when everyone else is having a good time.

Healthy christmas eating

Christmas is a time when people eat a lot of unhealthy food. Chocolates, cakes and crisps and even mince pies are all high in fat. Try and limit the amount of these you eat. Go for healthier snacks like fruits (fresh, canned or dried) and low-fat ice cream.

Christmas holiday sleep

It is important to get a good night’s sleep as it helps the body to grow and return energy to itself. On average most children between 5-12 years, need around eight to ten hours of sleep a night.

Christmas TV

Christmas TV is packed with great programmers and it can be tempting to stay in front of the TV for a long time. Take a five minute break every 30 minutes and always keep water and fruit to hand. Avoid slouching and always have good support for you back. Your Chiropractor can talk with you about healthy ways to sit down and sleep. Time out It is Christmas so enjoy yourself. Take a few days off school homework and have a very merry and healthy Christmas and New Year!

Fun joke

Q: What Christmas carol do parents love the most?
A: Silent Night!

Fun fact

Most children ask their parents to buy a lot of festive food during the Christmas holidays – but end up eating most of this before Christmas day!

Fun activity

Prepare a food diary of what you eat and drink during the Christmas holidays. Think of ways of adding more fruits and vegetables to your food diary. Ask a parent or friend to help you.


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