How to sit down

Sit on a chair and make sure your back is straight and leaning against the chair. Make sure you are comfortable. Keep your feet on the ground rather than swinging.

You can sit on the floor but try to have a support for your back to lean on. This is because we often lean forward when playing computer games or watching TV and this can hurt your back.

Take breaks

Take a 5 minute break at least every 30 minutes.
Keep a clock near you if it helps. Do not play computer games for more than one hour.
When you are taking your break why not do some cool activities like sit-ups or push-ups or even star jumps (be careful no one else gets in the way).
Also why not drink some water or have some fresh fruit to get your energy back!
Computer games are great for when you are bored, but do not let them cause back or neck pains or get in the way of your homework.
If you want to know more about how to stay healthy and fit, ask your mum or dad to pick up some more leaflets for kids when they next go to the chiropractor.

Cool joke

Q: Why did Sam blush when he opened the fridge?
A: He saw the salad dressing!

Fun activity

What type of computer game would you invent?
Would the main character be a superhero or a villain?
Would it pause every 30 minutes for a break automatically?

Fun fact

Did you know that boys play computer games more than girls!


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