What is Chiropractor Physiotherapy, and How Can It Help Me?

Are you suffering from an injury or pains in your body?
How do you know whether you should seek Chiropractor Physiotherapy treatment for your condition?
A Chiropractor and Physiotherapist offer different types of treatments focused on curing the mobility issues the patient has.
By complementing both forms of therapy, we provide a more holistic form of rehabilitation for chronic pain.
This article will answer all the questions you may have regarding Chiropractor Physiotherapy so that you can make an informed decision about your health.

What is a Chiropractor Physiotherapy?

Our trained staff will perform chiropractor physiotherapy by assessing, diagnosing, and treating ailments using physical means.
They are highly skilled medical professionals who have an extensive understanding of anatomy and physiology.
Their ultimate objective is to offer rehabilitative treatment that will allow people to perform their daily activities better.
A chiropractor physio holds a degree in Physiotherapy. In addition to the degree, a physiotherapist goes through a series of training necessary for their professional development.
Physiotherapists work in a wide range of areas. However, they are most popularly associated with sports.

How can Chiropractor Physiotherapy Amersham Help You?

The following are some of the treatments that physiotherapists can provide:

  1.  Develop a Program of Different Exercises
    A physiotherapist is a specialist who understands the human body’s anatomy and physiology. Their credibility allows them to recommend more than 1000 different exercises for reducing pain and increasing your activity level.
  2. Pain Management
    Arthritis usually causes pain in the joints and sometimes in several places in the body. Arthritis pain can quickly spread to different joints and muscles.
    Pain-killers only provide temporary pain relief; a physiotherapist can recommend long term pain relief through pain management techniques and exercises.
  3. Improving your fitness
    When people experience pain, they quickly start avoiding the movement that caused the pain. Many people are afraid that exercise will increase their pain or cause further damage to their joints.
    Many people forget that the joints and muscles have to move. By not moving and keeping active, the tissues and muscles around the joints become weaker.
    The lack of movement will eventually cause your joints to become unstable. Exercises designed by a physiotherapist can improve your general fitness.
    A physio would suggest you start gently and gradually increase the pace of your exercises. You may feel pain at first, but slowly you will begin to feel better. 
  4. Mobilising and strengthening muscles
    Arthritis can affect your joints and muscles and can cause stiffness and weakness.Your physiotherapist will evaluate your muscle strength along with your joint movements before advising on different techniques to mobilise and strengthen your muscles and joints.Physiotherapists use hydrotherapy pools to perform exercises in warm water. The warmth of the water is soothing, and the water is also helpful in supporting the body’s weight. Hence it is another excellent technique to move the muscles and joints without straining them.
  5. Other treatments
    Your physiotherapist can offer other treatments as well, including:
    Massages to relax the muscles and make joint movement more comfortable.
    Acupuncture and dry needling can relieve the pressure built up around the joints and muscles.
    Electrotherapy could be in the form of ultrasound or low-level laser therapy. Electrotherapy will help to reduce pain and speed up the healing process.
    A chiropractor physio can perform joint manipulation to reduce pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints.

How Can I Access Chiropractor Physiotherapy Amersham Services?
Finding chiropractor physiotherapy Amersham is straightforward; all you have to do is search the internet for physiotherapy near me. You can also visit your doctor and ask for their referral.
Some physiotherapists also offer telephonic or virtual assessment services. You will receive complete treatment advice over the phone if you have a minor problem. If your symptoms are more severe, they may ask you to go into the clinic for diagnosis.

What Can I Expect From Chiropractor Physiotherapy?
During your first physio appointment, you will be assessed using several examination techniques. Your physiotherapist will measure the movement in your joints, along with the strength of your muscles.
They will ask for a complete medical history along with the symptoms you are experiencing. After careful examination, your physiotherapist will design a comprehensive treatment program that you can perform at home or work.

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Think of Chiropractor Physiotherapy as a highly trained version of a massage therapist.
Physiotherapy can offer many health benefits that will eventually make you feel better and provide long-term health benefits.
So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your local physiotherapist by searching for “physiotherapy near me”.

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