Chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulations as they are also known are widely accepted treatments for back pain, sciatica, and neck pain.  This is supported by scientific studies.

As the chiropractic health centre, we can give you an inside view on what a patient can expect during their first consultation. So, if you’ve ever wondered what to expect from your first visit to the chiropractor in Amersham, this blog is for you. Read on to learn more.

Before visiting A Chiropractor in Amersham

Some people undertake an initial “interview” with the chiropractor over the phone or in person . This isn’t part of the consultation, of course. It’s just a way to get to know your chiropractor in Amersham better and see if they’re right for you.  You can ask potential chiropractor questions such as their philosophy, experience, expertise, patient preferences, and their general approach.

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Your First Visit To A Chiropractic Health Centre

Generally, a chiropractic health centre’s initial examination consists of three components:

  1. Patient’s Symptoms + A Case History:

This will form part of the Initial Consultation and involves a full history of the problem as well as some questions relating to your general health.

It may include such things as:

  • Do you know when, and how the pain started?
  • Where are you feeling pain?
  • What does the pain feel like? Is it a throbbing pain, sharp and dull pain, or a searing/ burning pain?
  • Is the pain constant, or does it ebb and flow?
  • Did the pain begin due to an injury?
  • Are there any activities that make the pain worse? Does the pain get worse when you move your body a certain way?
  • Radiations to arm or leg.
  • Associated symptoms such as numbness or pins and needles.

These questions will help your chiropractor in Amersham assess your pain. Apart from this, you’ll also be asked to give background information on your medical history. This is in case you have any previous injuries, medical conditions, or are undergoing any other treatments.

  1. The Chiropractic Examination

After the initial assessment, a chiropractic examination will follow. There are many  tests performed during a chiropractic examination, often including blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and reflexes. Tests will be performed to assess your:

  • Range of motion of the affected body region(s)
  • Spinal joint motion
  • Muscle tone
  • Muscle strength
  • Neurological integrity
  1. Diagnosis

After a thorough examination, your chiropractor will be able to properly diagnose the root cause of your issue.

In certain circumstances  diagnostic investigations may be useful in exposing pathologies and finding structural anomalies. Although the most frequent diagnostic test used during other examinations is an x-ray, it is not always necessary. An x-ray may be used in a chiropractic environment to:

  • Diagnose a recent trauma.
  • Diagnose spondyloarthritis.
  • Study a spinal deformity that might progress, such as scoliosis.
  • And to help rule out serious pathology.

An x-ray can be used to inspect the bones, however, less good at demonstrating soft tissue. for examining soft tissues. An MRI scan may be advised when soft tissue damage is suspected, such as a disc trouble, torn muscle, or nerve compression.

While some chiropractic health centres are capable of performing x-rays, an MRI scan and other more intense imaging tests are often done externally.

After Your Chiropractic Examination

Once you’ve had your first consultation, your chiropractor will make a treatment plan just for you. After extensive examination, they’ll be able to find the root of your problem and make a bespoke plan to help fix it.

At the end of your visit, you chiropractor in Amersham will explain to you:

  • Your diagnosed condition
  • A treatment plan
  • The prospective time / number of visits you’ll need for treatment

Your plan may include either one, or a mixture of many of the following treatments:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Deep tissue work
  • Rehabilitation
  • Diet / Lifestyle ergonomic advice
  • Exercise
  • Stretches
  • Accupuncture

These are just an example of atreatment plan offered at Amersham chiropractic health centre.

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